So They Say Muslim Women Is Oppressed, Let’s Find The Facts, And Those Who Are Calling For Their Freedom Of Women, Let’s Call For The Equality, Let’s Call For Justice, Let’s Save These Muslim Women From The Oppression Of Today, So Let’s Free Her Please, Free Her From What? Free Her From Her Dignity Of Course, Free Her From The Clothes That She Wears, Free Her From The Pride That She Has, Free Her That She Doesn’t Know Who The Ancestors Were, Let’s Free This Girl, Let’s Set Her Free, Come On Girl, Come On Down. Come On Down When You Have No Value, Come On Down On Your Price Is For The Highest Bidder, Come On Down Where Every Time They Can Hear You Look At You, Come On Down That You’ll Be Judged According To 36, 24, 36, If You Fit The Bill, You’re Good. How Big The Measurements, How Good You Look Is Not What You Have Inside, It’s What You Have Outside, It Is A Superficial Short Lived, A Measuring Stick That Is Judged By A Human Being, They Put You Like A Hanger, They Put The Clothes On, This Year Is The Red, Everybody Wears Red, This Year Is Black, Everybody Wears Black, It’s Below The Knee, It’s Above The Knee, It’s Cut From The Right, It’s Cut From The Left, It’s Cut From The Front, It’s Cut From The Back. You Feel Like A Toy, You’re A Slave To A Man That Tells You What To Do, What Not What To Do, What To Wear, What Not What To Wear, Is That The Freedom You’re Telling Me About? Or Are You To Please Allah SWT, A Man That Doesn’t Care Who You Are, Where You Go, You’re Gonna End Up In The Hell Fire After Him Or Allah SWT That Wants You To Go In Eternal Happiness, Is That The Freedom You’re Telling Me About? Is This Who You Are? It’s A Choice You Have To Make Ukhti!
There’s No Shyness, Being Shy Is A Negative Characteristic, You’re Supposed To Be Assertive And Aggressive And Outgoing And Loud And Noisy, You Find That Young Muslim Sisters Are Bumping In To The Brothers And Pushing Them Around And Screaming In The Elevators And Laughing Loudly, This Is Something That You Can Not See In Muslim Countries When You Go To The Rural Areas, This ‘Hayaa’ Is Lost, This ‘Hayaa’ Is Lost Even From The Muslims Who Are Living In The West, And These Are Very Important Qualities, Because ‘Hayaa’ Is A Branch Of ‘Eeman’.

Every Successful Man Needs A Khadija, So The First Person To Embrace Islam Was A Women, The First Women To Die For Islam Was A Women; Sumayyah. The Greatest Scholar Of Islam Was A Women; Aa’ysha. The Person Who Loved The Prophet The Most Was A Women, Who Was That Women? It Was Faatimah. The Person Who Made The Biggest Sacrifice For Islam One Day Was A Women; Khansa. One Of The Greatest Fighters In Islamic History Was A Women, Kawlah Bint Al-Azwar, She Fought On Back Of Horses, Killed Many Kuffar And Sparred The Mujahideen On To Go On, The Warrior Behind The Veil; A Women, Women Were At The Forefront Of This Islamic Awakening, Side By Side With Rasullullah SAW.

I am QUEEN of islam.



Dear Myself,

Every time you feel weak and do not have someone to talk to, remember that Allah is always there for you and HE is all you need to accomplish this mission.

Be grateful for everything you have, be it spiritual, mental, or physical. The more gracious you are, the more you will realize how much you have been blessed. And, by doing this, Allah willing, you will be stronger because you will believe that Allah is omnipresent.

Never waste your Time on useless things. Time is a blessing, make sure how you use it always comes as fruitful.

” Every time you feel like you cannot go on, You feel so lost and That you’re so alone, All you is see is night and darkness all around, you feel so helpless
You can’t see which way to go.. Don’t despair and never lose hope Cause Allah is always by your side.. InsyaAllah you’ll find your way.. Every time you commit one more mistake, You feel you can’t repent and that it’s way too late, You’re so confused, wrong decisions you have made, Haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame, Don’t despair and never lose hope Cause Allah is always by your side.. Turn to Allah He’s never far away
Put your trust in Him, Raise your hands and pray.. Ya Allah, Guide my steps don’t let me go astray, You’re the only one that showed me the way ” -MAHER ZAIN (INSYAALLAH *this is my favourite song ever !!)

With love,
Fatin Fashiekin

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Hidup-hidup, like always saya memang suka bercerita mengenai kehidupan, saya suka memerhati dan saya suka berfikir. Dan saya turut mmuhasabahkan diri saya.

Setiap diantara kita pasti rasa kepayahan hidup, rasa letih dengan apa yang dilakukan seharian, rasa sedih mengenangkan permasalahan seharian, rasa terbeban dengan segala bagai tanggungan dan rasa putus asa mengenang kan hari yang mendatang. Kita akan selalu tertanya “bagaimana masa depan kita”, tidak terkecuali juga SAYA.

Pernah kan memiliki segala rasa yang saya nyatakan di atas, Sebab kita hanya manusia biasa, manusia yg serba kekurangan sebab itu lah dalam Islam, senjata utama kita adalah berdoa 🙂

Kita boleh mengenangkan untung nasib diri kita, rasa bersedih dengan apa yang dilalui, rasa penat, rasa terbeban.. tetapi hendaklah pada TAHAP yang betul. Jangan lah sampai mengenangkan nasib diri yang hdup serba kekurangan sehingga memakan diri seperti semakin malas bekerja, berputus asa dan memusnahkan diri (bunuh diri).

Kesedihan memang diperlukan dalam kehidupan kita sebagai Hamba Allah di muka bumi ini, supaya dapat mencuci kan hati, melembutkan hati untuk sedar siapa kita disisi Allah SWT. Dan hendak lah kita sedar, apabila Allah bagi kita kesedihan, DIA nak ingatkan kita, ada yang kurang dalam hubungan kita dengan DIA. Mungkin dengan kesedihan yang DIA hadiahkan, mampu memberikan kita kesedaran atas kesilapan yang tidak kita sedari?

Oleh itu perhatikan masalah dan bergeraklah menyelesaikannya.

” Allah will not burden you more than you can bear” (Al-Baqarah;286)
*indeed,when we feel sad, it always remind us to Him,the Creator.we’ll seek for His guide. be happy behind all the sadness for it reminds us of Him:)

With love,

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