Brother and sisters,
This life is all about making choices,
And it is the job of young people like us to make the world a better place,
We are powerful beings,
We are perfect linings,
We are diamonds in the rough,
We are free from freedom,
We possess such skill that is so real,
We can go the extra mile carving a smile,
We are the cream of the society,
We are icings on a cake.


We don’t even know we own all these capabilities,
All these credibilities.
What do we know then?
We have been wasting our lives with playing video games,
We have blinded by the selfish kind of love without nothing to gain,
We claim we have no time but isn’t weird we can spare time to watch movies?
We always say “I can’t, it’s impossible”, “I’m weak, I can’t do nothing” but that is just an excuse not to improve,
We are so immersed in entertainment and yet we say we feel nothing in prayer,
We are like fools we preach rules but don’t practice our own.
This is what we own and this is what we know.
But the companions of the prophet,
At the time we say we have no time they say we have no time to waste time,
At the moment we claim “I can’t, its impossible” they claim Nothing is impossible.
At young age, they have conquered nations after nations,
Making discoveries after discoveries,
Why the companions of the prophet are so determined in spreading Islam?
Because they know this life is short,
And within this short period of time,
They got to make sure they make history a reality.
Now you tell me,
How many hearts have touched?
How many verses of the Quran have we remembered & practiced?
How many discoveries have we made?
It’s time for us to change,
It’s time for you and me,
Either we make history,
Or become history.
We are the youth of dignity,
We are the catalyst in society,
We are the agent of change,
We are the youth,
Let’s bring Islam back,
We did it in the past,
Now let’s do it again.

with love,