Learning from Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi, that only with JIHAD that Palestine could be retaken…..

The Great Leader’s name is Salahuddin al-Ayubi. The conqueror of Palestine who retook the holy land of Palestine from the hands of the crusader forces in Europe. The people of the West know him as Saladin, and his name has been immortal in Europe for hundreds of years. So great was Salahuddin, that in Europe a tax called the Saladin Thite was imposed.

Salahuddin al-Ayubi, was born with the name Yusuf Salahuddin bin Ayub in about 1138 AD. He came from the Kurdish tribe. His family lived in Tikrit, which today belongs to Iraq, a place where Islam was in its glory at that time . His father, Najmuddin Ayub, was banished from Tikrit and moved to Mosul, the place where he met with Imaduddin Zengi, the ruler of Mosul, who was also the founder of the Zengi Dynasty, who led the Muslim army against the Crusader forces in Edessa. Imaduddin appointed Najmuddin to lead his fortress in Baalbek. After the death of Imaduddin Zengi in 1146 AD, his son, Nuruddin became the ruler of Mosul. Salahuddin was sent by Nuruddin to Damascus to continue his education.

Salahuddin then entered Egypt. Egypt at that time was under the rule of Khilafah Fathimiyah. In the year 1171 AD, al-Adhid, the ruler of Egypt from the Dynasty of Fathimiyah died. Salahuddin hastened to break the power of the Khilafah Fathimiyah and immediately restored the legitimate authority to Khilafah Abbasiyah in Baghdad.

Salahuddin revitalized the economy of Egypt, reformed the military, as well as re-implemented the Islamic values. Salahuddin built schools and hospitals. He also opened the gates of the palace to the public, where previously it was only open to the nobility. At that time, the Crusader Forces attacked Egypt’s Alexandria, but with the perseverance of the Muslims and the help of Allah, the enemies were defeated.

Salahuddin always endeavored to expel the Crusaders from the holy land of Palestine, yet he thought, that in order to win he must unite Egypt and Syria, as idealized by Nuruddin. So Salahuddin came to conquer Syria without any significant resistance, in fact it was welcomed by the people of Syria. There, Salahuddin married the widow of Nuruddin to strengthen the ties between the ruler himself and the former authorities. When Salahuddin unified Aleppo in 1176, he was almost killed by the Hashashin, an organized secret group of assassins set up by the Shi’ah Ismailiyah to kill the leaders of the Sunni. With a remarkable political skill, Salahuddin requested approval from Khalifah al-Mustadhi of the Khilafah Abbasiyah to reconcile the territories which had not fully complied with Khilafah Abbasiyah.

A closeness with the ulama’s was then developed by Salahuddin, where he always asked for advices from the ulama’s in carrying out his military policies and administration. One of the renowned ulama’s from the Hambali Mazhab, Ibnu Qudamah, became an advisor to Salahuddin, and accompanied him when Salahuddin conquered Palestine.

After Syria achieved a stable condition, Salahuddin returned to Cairo to make some improvements. He entrusted Syria to his brother. Salahuddin built fortresses around Egypt to halt the enemy’s attack and protect its inhabitants. The construction of the forts was entrusted to Bahaudin Qarqusy. Salahuddin also built an armada fleet to protect Egypt from the attacks of the Crusader Forces.

At that time, the Muslims were in one of the their worst conditions. Pools of wealths and pleasures of life had blinded their inner eyes to the point that they were reluctant to go out for jihad. As the Islamic Khilafah had made life so rich and prosperous, the Muslims become so complacent that they were not able to withstand the attacks of the crusader forces. That’s why Salahuddin took the initiative to commemorate the Maulid Nabi Muhammad (Prophet Muhammad’s birthday) to prompt the Muslims to return to the path of Islam by conducting jihad and da’wah, to carry out the commands of Allah and His Rasul.

With the parade of the Maulid Nabi, Salahuddin reminded the Muslims of the struggles and sacrifices of Rasulullah and his Sahabahs in defending the honour of this religion of Allah. It is very obvious that the purpose of the Maulid Nabi to be held was to revive the ruhul (spirit of ) jihad of the Muslims which had long-frozen. After the parade of the Maulid Nabi was held across the Islamic countries, a very massive jihad forces was formed. Indeed, very different from the present Maulid Nabi. Today’s Maulid did not evoke the spirit of jihad and it was unable to form the jihad forces to liberate our brothers and sisters in Palestine who are slaughtered by Israel.

After all the consolidation was complete, Salahuddin began to look at Palestine which was dominated by the European crusaders. The screams of the people massacred by the crusader forces were ringing in the ears of Salahuddin. Year 1177 AD, Salahuddin started building up an army to wage jihad to retake the holy land of the Muslims.

First, he went conquering Askalon and Ramallah by defeating the Crusader Forces in some battles. However, in the Montgisard battle on 25th November 1177 AD, Salahuddin suffered a severe enough defeat when fighting the forces of Reynald de Chatillon and Baldwin IV, and it became a valuable lesson for him.

At first, the battle took place between the forces of Salahuddin and the forces of Baldwin IV the King Palestine, but then came the forces of Reynald de Chatillon, Balian de Ibelin, and the forces of the Knights Templar. Beaten so badly, Salahuddin’s troops were scattered and some of his best soldiers were martyred. Baldwin continued to pursue Salahuddin’s troops until the night time, Salahuddin retreated to Askalon to reach Egypt with the rest of his army. This defeat was appreciated by him in some way because it had led many of the Muslim army to their goals i.e shaheed, and at the same time it became a whip of encouragement for him to strive even more strongly.

The ruhul jihad continued to rage in the heart Salahuddin and he again formed the forces of Allah to seize Palestine. His caravans of jihad then traveled to Damascus, with jihad songs that invited all Muslims to join. Salahuddin then launched the next attack from Damascus. He attacked Tiberias, Tyre and Beirut. In June 1179 AD, Salahuddin’s caravans of jihad arrived in the suburbs of Marjayoun and met face to face again with the forces of Baldwin IV, his old enemy. Baldwin’s forces was completely defeated and many were captured inluding King Raymond. Baldwin himself escaped and retreated.

In August of the same year, the forces of Salahuddin besieged the Chastellet Fortress in Hebrew. This fortress had not been completed yet, only one wall and a tower were constructed. Baldwin himself was not on location, he was busy building up the forces in Tiberias. Salahuddin conquered this fortress and when Baldwin arrived from Tiberias (the distance is only a half-day journey), Baldwin saw the black and white emblems of Shahadah fluttering in Chastellet Fortress. In fear, Baldwin retreated.

Palestine is the holy land of the Muslims. An Ulama’, Ibnu Zaki, preached: “The city was home to your father, Ibrahim, it was from there that Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven, the qiblat of your prayer at the beginning of Islam, the place visited by the saints, the resting place of the Apostles. The city is a country where mankind congregate on the Day of Judgement, the land where resurrections would take place.”

Salahuddin mobilized the entire strength of the Mujahideen to storm the fortresses of Palestine. Rows of red-hot stone hurlers (manjaniq) were deployed to demolish the fortresses of Palestine. Balian de Ibelin also responded with his own manjaniq, not a few Muslims were greeted with martyrdom. The Mujahideen’s pressure was so strong, resulting in Balian sending two envoys to ask for guarantees of safety from Salahuddin. But Salahuddin refused and reminded them of the great massacre they did one hundred years ago, in the year 1099 AD. In the end, Balian de Ibelin himself came to see Salahuddin and threatened to kill all the humans who were inside the fortress, destroy Masjid Al-Aqsa, and fight to the death, if his request was not received with security assurances. After holding a shura with some ulama’s and military advisers, Salahuddin accepted the proposal from Balian de Ibelin.

The conditions set by Salahuddin was that, Balian de Ibelin must surrender Palestine completely to the Muslims. And then the entire European Christian soldiers must redeem themselves within 40 days. In the end, on Friday which coincided with the Isra’ Mi’raj of Prophet Muhammd on 27th Rajab 583 H (2nd October 1187 AD), Salahuddin entered Palestine with peace and tranquility. Masjids were cleansed from the crosses of the kafir. And only with the jihad forces that Palestine today could be liberated from the hands of the despicable invader, Israel. Only with jihad…La haula wa laa quwwata illa billah!

Source: Gorezan Izzah (embunkemuliaan.blogspot.com)





Please pray for Gaza. Pray your hardest for them. It’s not happening to us, but I know that no one can stand seeing innocents being killed.

i dont know why they hate us so much,
what islam have done to them ?
we dont have any weapon like them,
we just have Islam & Allah in our soul,
but they kept trying to hurt me and my relatives at Gaza ?


with love,
FatinFashiekin from MALAYSIA


Brother and sisters,
This life is all about making choices,
And it is the job of young people like us to make the world a better place,
We are powerful beings,
We are perfect linings,
We are diamonds in the rough,
We are free from freedom,
We possess such skill that is so real,
We can go the extra mile carving a smile,
We are the cream of the society,
We are icings on a cake.


We don’t even know we own all these capabilities,
All these credibilities.
What do we know then?
We have been wasting our lives with playing video games,
We have blinded by the selfish kind of love without nothing to gain,
We claim we have no time but isn’t weird we can spare time to watch movies?
We always say “I can’t, it’s impossible”, “I’m weak, I can’t do nothing” but that is just an excuse not to improve,
We are so immersed in entertainment and yet we say we feel nothing in prayer,
We are like fools we preach rules but don’t practice our own.
This is what we own and this is what we know.
But the companions of the prophet,
At the time we say we have no time they say we have no time to waste time,
At the moment we claim “I can’t, its impossible” they claim Nothing is impossible.
At young age, they have conquered nations after nations,
Making discoveries after discoveries,
Why the companions of the prophet are so determined in spreading Islam?
Because they know this life is short,
And within this short period of time,
They got to make sure they make history a reality.
Now you tell me,
How many hearts have touched?
How many verses of the Quran have we remembered & practiced?
How many discoveries have we made?
It’s time for us to change,
It’s time for you and me,
Either we make history,
Or become history.
We are the youth of dignity,
We are the catalyst in society,
We are the agent of change,
We are the youth,
Let’s bring Islam back,
We did it in the past,
Now let’s do it again.

with love,


I hate routine. Except when it comes to morning routines 🙂 That’s something I try and stick to! 😉

There’s something about starting your day on a number of pre-planned actions that really set your day straight. Below I describe the ‘ideal’ ProductiveMuslim morning routine. (Note: I assume that Fajr Athan is at 5.00am and that work starts at 8am, feel free to ‘adjust’ the routine below to suit your timetable inshaAllah)

4.00AM – 5.00AM: 5 Essential Actions

1. Wake up!

Perhaps the first and most important step to having a great morning routine is waking up early! And it is in that moment of indecisiveness – whether you should wake up immediately or enjoy your nice comfy bed for ‘5 more minutes’- wherein lies the secret to either a great day or a crazy one. Here’s a tip that always works with me for waking up: You know how shaytaan whispers in your ears “just sleep for 5 more minutes”… I simply whisper back to myself “just wake up for 5 minutes” 😉 Yup, you can imagine the rest. As soon as you’re awake and begin reciting the Adkhar and making wudhu, you can imagine what happens to sleep – (Gone! Left the building!).


2. Make the Dua(s) for waking up and recite last 10 verses of Surah Al-Imran

Alhamdulillah, we have a beautiful set of “waking up” supplications which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught us. A collection of Wake Up Supplications can be found on MakeDua.com. My favorite is the recitation of the last 10 verses of Al-Imran (Chapter 3 of the Quran). You can almost feel your heart coming to life and being ‘juiced’ when the first thing you do as soon as you wake up is remember Allah & recite His Glorious Words from the Quran.

3. Make Wudhu

We can all agree, there’s something about wudhu that really focuses your positive energy and cleanses you inwardly as well as outwardly. I had a friend who used to call this feeling “WuBuzz!” short for the “Buzz” you feel after wudhu 😉 Don’t forget to say Bismillah before starting wudhu and the dua after finishing wudhu! The 8 gates of Heaven will be opened for you, (not a bad way to start your day 😉 and you’ll feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

4. Tahajjud & Witr

Tahajjud or Qiyaam has been described as the “honour of the believer”, because who else would go through what you just did (wake up, wudhu..etc) just to stand up and pray? The beauty of Tahajjud is hard to describe; from the feeling of tranquility in your heart and understanding the Quran better at this time, to feeling closer to Allah at a time of isolation from others and wishing that you would never get up from that prostration, to self-reflection moments that we rarely get a chance to exercise in our busy world… all of them and more come from Tahajjud! Finally, praying Witr after Tahajjud and making sincere dua to Allah is a true booster to your day!

5. Istighfar moments

Don’t forget to use the last 5-10 minutes before Fajr to ask Allah for forgiveness and making lots of istighfar so that you are among those Allah mentioned in the Quran: “And in the hour of early dawn, they (were found) praying for Forgiveness” (Quran, Chapter 51, Verse 18).

5.00AM – 5.05 AM: Fajr Athan

Say as the muaddhin (The person who calls to Prayer) says and don’t forget the Dua after athan. Supplications Related to Athaan can also be found at MakeDua.com

5.05AM – 5.30AM: Between Athan & Iqama

1. Pray the 2 rak’ahs Sunnah of Fajr

Don’t miss this! Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The two rakahs before the dawn (Fajr) prayer are better than this world and all that it contains. (Riyad-us-Saliheen (Hadith # 1102). Just think about this hadeeth for a moment; 5 minutes of your time to pray 2 short rak’ahs are better than this whole wide world with all its’ lands, people, treasures, nature and beyond! SubhanaAllah!

Also, if this is the importance and merit of the Sunnah of Fajr, what about the obligatory Fajr prayer itself? (There is a heartwarming video reminder to those who neglect Fajr Salah called: ‘Are you neglecting the Fajr Prayer?’)

2. Dua

Did you know that the time between the Athan & Iqama is a prime time to make dua? Make the most of it! Narrated Anas ibn Malik: “The supplication made between the athan and the iqamah is not rejected.” (Sunan Abu Dawood, Book #2, Hadith #0521)

3. Lie on your right side

Narrated ‘Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her): “Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) used to pray two light rakahs before the morning (compulsory) prayer after the day dawned and the Mu’addhin had finished his adhan. He then would lie on his right side till the Mu’addhin came to pronounce the Iqama.” (Sahih Bukhari, Book #11, Hadith #599)

4. Brainstorm session

I sometimes use this time to either plan my day, or brainstorm ideas for ProductiveMuslim/articles or just reading and writing. You’ll be surprised how active your brain is at this time! You’re awake, alert and kicking 😉

5. Quran memorization

Speaking of your mind being active, memorizing Quran at this time is incredible as well. I have tried memorizing Quran after Asr/Maghreb when I’m tired and back from work Vs. after Fajr. The difference is overwhelming, SubhanaAllah! After Fajr, your brain is truly like a sponge and it is the best time to memorize verses from the Quran :).

5.30AM – 6.00am: Fajr Salat & Dhikr

If you are a brother, and can get to a mosque no matter how far – go for it! The beauty of praying Fajr in the masjid is hard to describe. I prefer walking to the Masjid Vs. driving (cycling is good as well 😉 since you get a chance to breath in the fresh morning air; Allah says in the Quran: “And the Dawn as it breathes away the darkness” (Chapter 81, Verse 18)

After Fajr Salah, sit back, relax and enjoy performing the post Salah Dhikr and morning supplications.

6.00 – 6.30am: Recite, Read or Exercise

1. Quran Memorization/Recitation

Recite and/or Memorize Quran as mentioned previously, or if you have a good tafsir book, then reading the meaning of at least one page of the Quran is a great bonus!

2. Reading

Spend this time reading Islamic material. I stress that the reading must be Islamic, because as I mentioned previously, your mind is like a sponge at this time and is highly active. You want whatever you’re reading to be truly embedded into your mind & soul inshaAllah.

Suggested books to read: Hadeeth books, Stories of the Prophets, Seerah, etc…

3. Exercise

Another option is a quick 30 minute exercise. This could be jogging around the block, cycling, using a treadmill, some aerobics/cardiovascular exercises and anything that builds your stamina.

6.30AM – 6.45: Plan Your Day

This is where I plan the rest of my day, of course, using the Taskinator ;). Sometimes I check and send e-mails around this time as well to help me plan my day or set out tasks for myself and team members.

6.45AM – 7.00: Get Ready For Work

Shower, get dressed, and gather your paper work, (although organizing your items the night before makes this 15 minute process of getting ready a lot smoother!) Put things where you can find them so that you don’t waste time searching for them.

7.00AM – 7.10: Duha Prayers.

Nothing sets your day straight like Duha prayer, as mentioned in the “Top 7 Spiritual Productivity Habits” to adopt. Nu`aym ibn Hammar (Allah be pleased with him) relates that he heard the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) say: “Allah Most High says: O child of Adam, don’t fail to perform four rakahs in the beginning of your day, and I shall be your sufficiency at its end.” (Abu Dawud (1289) and Tirmidhi (475).

7.15AM – 7.30AM: Breakfast

Reward yourself for a ProductiveMorning with a big FAT hearty (healthy) breakfast! Try to avoid caffeine and have a fibre filled bowl of goodness to set you in good stead.

7.30AM – 8.00AM: Commute to Work

Don’t forget my tips about commuting ProductiveMuslim style! 😉

Imagine if all your mornings were like the above… how much will you gain spiritually? How much knowledge will you acquire? What will your mood be like for the rest of the day? Try the above, just for one day, and let me know how it goes inshaAllah.


http://productivemuslim.com/ 🙂



Free for Syria !!
A picture tells a thousand STORIES : this doest just that !
in fact the whole album does,
i wish i could have been there to partake
Pointing to the banner with
“silence is betrayal”
which was dropped off the bridge
This scene speaks for how Bashar
thugs force people to worship Bashar Al Asaad

Scene of a mother grieving over her lost son,
in this case hamzah

The scene they’re about, all the women
being assaulted and abused ;'(

it is so sad to see another Muslim country in crisis
an honour to see our children fighting for their
rights and pride

all the pictures brought tears into my eyes,
it makes me cry. sincerity touches down my heart ! ;'(
SubhanaAllah 😥


Selamat hari ibu mama,
i love you with all my heart.
i love you so so so much.
May Allah will always bless you dunia & akhirat
InsyaAllah.. mmuahh.
for me,
I can only thank Allah for my mom because without her,
I would not have been brought out into this world and
enjoy the life I now enjoy.
I am grateful for every minute that I have spent with her
I love you mama. You are the best. You will always be.
Mama sentiasa menjadi sahabaty baik saya, Bila lambat bangun tidur, mama lah orang yang akan mengoncang pintu bilik sampai nk roboh untuk mengejutkan anak gadis nya ini.
bila bergayut kat hp lama-lama dan mengada-ngada,
mam lah yang akan menjengilkan mata memberi isyarat
means supaya behave our attitude. hehe
Taste mama juga for me, sangat-sangat hebat.
Kalau mahu beli handbag,dress, heels or shawl, sure saya akan bawa mama dan suruh dia pilih, pasti pilihannya menepati hati sanubari. sebab kalau buat pilihan sendiri dan beli saja design apa-apa, siapa lagi yang nak kritik hentam habis-habisan sampai menyesal tak sudah, pastilah mama you juga.
dan ayat paling menghiris
” kakak tak cantik lah pakai macamtu”
peh !! (-_-“)
Emak also makes the best BFF kerana dia dah tahu siapa sahabat-sahabat kita through ups and downs. Senang nak gossip sebab dia ingat semua benda dan semua kejadian yang menimpa. Dia pandai menilai siapa yang patut kita teruskan put up with their crap, dan siapa yang kita patut buat biasa aja. Gossip dengan mama adalah paling precious.
” I was a foolish little child
Crazy things I used to do
And all the pain I put you through
Mama now I’m here for you..
For all the times I made you cry
The days I told you lies
Now it’s time for you to rise
For all the things you sacrificed..
If I could turn back time rewind
If I could make it undone
I swear that I would
I would make it up to you..
Mom I’m all grown up now
I’ts a brand new day
I’d like to put a smile on your face everyday
Mom I’m all grown up now
And it’s not too late
I’d like to put a smile on your face everyday
You know you are the number one for me
Now I finally understand
That  famous  line
About the day I’d face in time
Coz one day, I’ll have a child of mine
Even though I was so bad
I’ve learnt so much from you
I will trying to do it too
If I’m married and I’ve chila
I will Love my kids the way you do..
There is no one in this world
That can take your place
I’m sorry for ever taken you for granted
I will use every chance I get
To make you smile
Whenever I’m around you
Now I will to try to love you
Like you love me
Only God knows how much you mean to me 🙂 “
*lirik diubah suai sedikit ye, sebb saya still tidak mempunyai children ;p
i love you mama..
your daughter,



I thank Allah SWT for the amount of love I
have in me and my ability to give it freely without expectations.
I care for those people around me. Thank you awesome people!
And.. I’m trying to be polite to everyone.
with love,


Kadang-kadang sesuatu yang kita nak buat tu, kita perlu berfikir dengan sedalam dalamnya. Samada banyak kebaikan atau keburukan. Jangan lah terlalu TERUJA untuk menonjolkan kebaikan sampai MENGAIBKAN orang lain. Ingatlah setiap perbuatan tu ada hikmahnya. Yang baik dibalas lah baik. Tapi yang jahat harus lah dibalas jahat. Pernah dengar perkataan KARMA? yes. KARMA does happen. Fitnah? Tuduhan? Mengata? Memburukkan orang lain? seronok eh buat itu semua? Padahal itu semua perbuatan terkutuk! Jangan sampai melampau sangat! Sebelum kita menuding jari ke arah orang lain.Lihat dulu diri kita sendiri. Sempurna sangat kah diri kita ini untuk menonjolkan keburukan orang lain?

Jadilah manusia yang bijak & berfikir. Jangan terpedaya dengan hasutan orang lain sebelum tahu kebenarannya.

Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui segalanya.

Saya TIDAK pernah ragu terhadap-NYA.
semoga Allah bersihkan hati-hati nurani kita dari segala hasad dengki & kejahatan.

Amin Amin.

*Entry ditujukan khas to my beloved girlfriend Noraini Shariat<
sayang, tak mau sedih2 ok. i’m here for you

with love,




I was listing this just now ;

saya demam dan saya teringin anggur.
saya demam dan saya baru lepas jogging.
saya demam dan saya baru lepas rendam muka dalam baldi.
saya demam dan saya nak buah apple.
saya demam dan saya nak starbuck.
saya demam dan saya tak nak kfc.
saya demam dan saya tak nak secret recipe.
saya demam dan saya mahu lamb chop.
saya demam dan saya mahu terjun dalam ais.
saya demam dan saya nak makan aiskrim sampai mulut beku.
saya demam dan saya terhuyung hayang.
saya demam dan saya pasang lagu mr sexobeat.
saya demam dan saya rasa nak menangis
saya demam dan saya nak something sweet and sour in my mouth.
*belimbing should be nice.
saya demam dan saya baru habiskan tuna seperti kucing kelaparan.
saya demam dan hidung saya tersumbat tapi saya terbau bubur durian. homay!

uh uh I’m having this super duper big stomach, hyper and touchy monster when im sick.

*currently 🙂

with love,