I miss the Malaysia where I grew up. Tun M’s era. My most favourite era. Where the leader was strict, you-tak-suka-Malaysia-you-boleh-blah-style. Because to make everybody satisfied and happy is a definite absurdity. Yes I miss that kind of a leader. The current leader keeps spoiling us w short-term goodies which is similar to a busy parent who spoils his/her kids w temporary happiness such as candy and too much toys. At the end of the day, the kids will turn out to be unhealthy and still rebel because they are just spoilt and ungrateful. I prefer the strict parent kind whom the kids will hate at the spur of the moment when their demands are rejected, but as they grow older & wiser they will see the wisdom beyond the rigidity and they will eventually love the leader. As my best friends and I always say, if anybody talks trash about Tun M, we will defend and protect him, because to us, we love him like our own father, coz he loved us like his own kids when he led the government. WELL THAT IS MY TYPE OF A LEADER

With love,

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